Chicago – Best time to go

Best time to visit Chicago

Our favourite time to visit Chicago is in May and June or September and October. During these months you are more likely to see sunny skies and warm weather, while most of the crowds are smaller.


Clear, warm days with blue skies characterise autumn in Chicago. Sometimes the extreme heat of summer can continue into September, but by late October the ground becomes frosty and by December the first snow has fallen.  


The only thing predictable about spring in Chicago is how unpredictable it is. Snow, rain, sleet, sun, you might get a mix throughout the season, or even all in one day. Temperatures start to rise in April and May. 


Summer is the flip extreme of winter in Chicago. Days are very hot although overnight temperatures usually drop due to thunderstorms. Humidity can be moderately high during the day. 


Winter is bitterly cold in Chicago. Between December and February temperatures regularly drop to -9°C with blasts of icy air making it feel even colder. Snowstorms strike the area regularly so be prepared to bundle up and have many indoor visits.