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Georgia – Best time to go

Best time to visit Georgia

Spring Season

Georgia springs are absolutely glorious. While it is raining everywhere else in the USA, this is the driest time of year for Georgia. The temperatures are comfortable, the humidity low, and the spring blossoms blooming everywhere. 

Summer Season

Summer in Georgia is summed up in one word; humid. Temperatures reach well into the 30s with humidity so high it feels like you can bite into it. Summer thunderstorms are common, although blessedly quick. 

Autumn Season

Autumn in Georgia is sunny and cool, the summer humidity washed away by the cooler weather. Nights are crisp, often dropping down to 10°C, but you won’t usually see rain and the foliage begins to turn an array of lovely colours. 

Winter Season

Winters in Georgia are generally quite mild, although further inland temperatures can sometimes get down to freezing. January through March are considered the rainy season. 

Favourite Season

We love Georgia in April and May, when the blossoms gleam white against the blue sky. The weather can be unpredictable in early spring but in April and May the rain ceases, the temperatures become pleasant, and there is no humidity. 

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