Sunset over tide pools, Hawaii


Hawaii – Things to do

Hawaii Attractions

Learn to surf, watch lava from the worlds most active volcano, fly high above the Jurassic landscape, snorkel with majestic Manta Rays or relax on white, golden, black and even pink or green sand beaches. These beautiful islands offer you so much choice during your Hawaii holiday that you will fall in love and won't want to come home.

Aerial view of the Island of Molokai

Island Hopping

See more of the 'Aloha spirit' when you island hop. We can offer you five out of the six islands open for tourism to stay on during your Hawaii Islands adventure, although the hard decision will be sharing your time on each island.

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Learn to Hula dance

Maybe you’ll catch a hula event or take a class to learn about the Hula Kahiko (ancient hula) and Hula Auana (modern Hula) styles while you’re here. Hula is a unique, Hawaiian dance; accompanied by a chant or song that preserves the stories, culture and aloha traditions of the islands.

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Green Sea Turtle

Hawaii's Wildlife

Hawaii is home to incredible wildlife and ecosystems, boasting six different vegetation zones. The oceans are teeming with dolphins, turtles and manta rays as well as thousands of humpback whales that travel from Alaska each year to breed in these warmer waters.

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Wailua Falls

Spectacular Scenery

Drive the famous road to Hana in Maui, explore Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii Island, fly high above the islands by helicopter or witness the 'Grand Canyon of the Pacific'; Waimea Canyon on Kauai. From waterfalls to black sand beaches, Jurassic landscapes and craters that make you believe you are on another planet; Hawaii will leave you speechless.

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Kayaking at Makuab beach

Breathtaking Beaches

There are some serious contenders for the most picturesque beach across the islands of Hawaii. From beautiful resort beaches to rugged, off-the-beaten-path sands; white sands to black sands and several colours in between. Your Hawaii holiday could easily be spent relaxing on a beach, so you will be torn between having sand between your toes or exploring these fascinating islands.

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Surfing on the North Shore

Surfing Hotspots

Surfing was born in Hawaii and the earliest written account was in 1779 by Lieutenant James King just months after Captain Cook's death. 'Nee nalu' in Hawaiian which translates to mean 'to slide on waves' was described by Hawaiians to riding a wood plank.

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Sunset Odyssey Tour

Helicopter Tours

Soar high above the islands and get the best views. Look down on the dramatic sea cliffs, glistening sand beaches, Jurassic landscapes and waterfalls below. Witness volcanic lava flows on Hawaii Island, view pods of whales around Maui and be in awe at the range of blues and greens in the waters fringing the coastlines.

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