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Massachusetts – Best time to go

Best time to visit Massachusetts

Spring Season

Spring in Massachusetts is typically wet and cloudy, although temperatures are warmer the farther east you go. There is also a high chance of rain during the spring, although after every storm sunny skies follow. 

Summer Season

Summer is warm in Massachusetts, but July and August can get quite hot with high humidity. Summer can also bring thudnerstorms, with an average of 30 days of thunderstorms each summer. 

Autumn Season

Autumn weather in Massachusetts can be quite changeable but is typically cool and crisp with sunny skies. There are often Indian summers when the temperatures are still warm and with the change of seasons the spectacular autumn foliage arrives. 

Winter Season

Winter in Massachusetts is cold and often snowy, although the temperatures are less extreme on the coast, with winter temperatures hovering right above freezing. Further inland snow and freezing temperatures are more common. 

Favourite Season

Since Massachusetts has very humid summers and very cold winters, our favourite time to go is in late spring. During late-May and throughout June the weather is typically gloriously sunny with pleasant temperatures. 

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Cape Cod

Cape Cod