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Miami and Bermuda Multi Centre

Soak up the atmosphere of vibrant Miami, discover the Art Deco architecture of South Beach and sample some of the Cuban influenced food in Little Havana. Enjoy the year round, verdant scenery covers the hillside and the island's famous pink sand beaches and colourful flora create a stunning backdrop to your Bermuda holiday. Combining the dynamic and vibrant city of Miami with the laid back charm and island culture of Bermuda, we think this is an ideal multi centre combination you'll love.

10 days
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Downtown Miami

Trip highlights

  • Relax on soft pink sand beaches in Bermuda
  • Soak up the fantastic latin culture in Miami
  • Dive or snorkel amongst reefs and shipwrecks
  • Sample the incredible fusion cuisine

The Magic City - an ever-evolving city, colourful and exotic. Miami is famous for its golden sand beaches and vibrant nightlife and is a city to see and be seen in. Hip and stylish with an authentic Latino vibe, nights in Miami sizzle as much as the days.

Bermuda's pink beaches are a combination of crushed coral, calcium carbonate and the shells of tiny single-celled animals called Foraminifera. The island isn't actually part of the Caribbean, located in the Atlantic, several hundred miles north of the Bahamas. Flights from New York and other eastern US cities are only two hours.