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New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC Multi Centre Holiday

Our New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC multi-centre holiday allows you to experience three of the USA’s most historic cities. Begin with the frenetic energy of New York before visiting Philadelphia and its Liberty Bell and Washington DC’s political centre and many museums. 

Book our New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC multi-centre in the spring and you can enjoy clear days and warm weather. The autumn brings the gorgeous russets and reds of the USA’s fall season, while the winter offers a chance of snow. 

Begin your multi-centre holiday in New York. Here you can explore a skyline which is familiar before you even visit. The city’s home to some fascinating sights, some of the world’s best art galleries and a lively restaurant scene perfect for foodies. You can also just wander through the different neighbourhoods to get a sense of the city’s locals. 

Travel by train between New York and Philadelphia. In Philadelphia you’ll find a modern city with a cosmopolitan feel, and a sense of history around almost every corner. The city represents freedom to most Americans and is often considered to be the birthplace of America. Be sure to explore Independence National Park, which tells the story.

Finish your multi-centre in Washington DC. Take the train from Philadelphia and begin exploring its incredible museums. Wander along the National Mall and you’ll find a huge range of sights, beginning with the US Capitol building and ending with the Lincoln Memorial. 


9 days
Private basis, Self-Guided
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Trip highlights

  • Visit Liberty Bell, the American Constitution and the Declaration site in Philadelphia
  • See the many museums and monuments along Washington DC’s National Mall
  • Take in the top sights in New York, including the Statue of Liberty
  • Explore New York and Washington DC’s smaller neighbourhoods on foot for a local feel
Washington Monument over a body of water

Washington DC is the political heart of America, as well as its capital city. It’s home to some fascinating museums and monuments, beautiful parks and charming neighbourhoods just waiting to be explored.

Spend your first few days in Washington DC exploring the many museums and monuments, which are peppered throughout the centre. Begin with the National Mall, where you’ll find a huge range of exhibits to catch your eye. The US Capitol Building is a must, as is the Lincoln Memorial. See the National Park and visit the iconic White House.

Walking tours are a fantastic way to explore Washington DC. Many of the museums are located within easy walking distance of each other, and there are lots of pretty neighbourhoods to explore as well. Georgetown will give you a small town feel, while being within minutes of the centre. Be sure to stop in a small local bakery for fresh breads, cakes and a coffee.

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Philadelphia is often said to be the birthplace of America. It’s steeped in a rich history, and there’s no better way to explore than at the National Historic Park. Follow the pretty trails and you’ll find yourself at the Liberty Bell Centre, the National Constitution Center, Independence Hall and the Benjamin Franklin Museum. You’ll be able to see where the founding fathers signed the Declaration, as well as seeing the American Constitution.

For a sense of Philadelphia’s present culture, visit the Italian Market and try delicious cuisine. With so many Italian descendants living in the city, you’re sure to love the American twist on exquisite Italian classics. Or take in the beautiful landscapes of the city from up high. Visit the One Liberty Observation Deck and see the historic buildings contrasting against a backdrop of modern skyscrapers. When evening draws in there are plenty of rooftop bars where you can enjoy more spectacular views, along with delicious cuisine and a cocktail or two.

New York City Skyline

Begin your multi-centre holiday in New York. This historic city is home to a fantastic range of activities and attractions.

Begin with the Statue and Liberty and learn her fascinating story as she watches over the Hudson River. Next, visit the Empire State Building and its newly refurbished observation deck. From here you can look out over the city and take in its famous skyline, which you’ll remember from hundreds of films and TV series.

Wander through Central Park and enjoy some people watching before you tuck into some delicious dishes. From hearty diner food to delicate Michelin starred menus, everything’s on offer in New York’s eateries. Finish the day with a Broadway show and take in the energy of an American audience as you watch world famous actors.

If you want to explore some of the neighbourhoods, a great way to enjoy them is on foot. Wander through the brownstones, trendy cafés and diverse neighbourhoods in Soho and Greenwich. Next, visit one of the famous department stores before shopping the Upper East Side.