Bryce Canyon National Park

15 Day Suggested Itinerary

Arizona and Utah Multi Centre

Glittering city sights and cinematic scenery

This is your opportunity to compare the lightshows of Las Vegas with the spellbinding natural light of the surrounding national parks, involving some of the most majestic rock formations in America. Begin your journey in the entertainment capital of the USA with its gargantuan themed hotels along the Las Vegas Strip. Then drive just a few miles away to both Arizona and neighbouring Utah to bear witness to some of the greatest natural landscapes known to mankind. This iconic road trip covers of three of Utah's Mighty Five national parks, each of which surpassing expectations in a way only mother Nature can do. 

Our Experts Recommend:
  • Big city thrills and spectacular shopping
  • Astounding hotels and world-class shows
  • Breath-taking landscapes
  • Iconic America road trip

Sample Itinerary Summary

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9 days
Destination Breakdown
Private basis, Self-Guided
  • Las Vegas

    Itinerary Highlights

    • Slotzilla, zipline over the infamous strip
    • World-class shows, casinos and attractions
    • Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street
    • Learn about prohibition and illegal gambling at the Mob Museum
  • Bryce Canyon National Park

    Itinerary Highlights

    • Changing rock colours at dusk and dawn
    • Astronomy festival in January
    • Moonlit guided walks through the canyon
    • Natural rock formations, such as Thor's Hammer
  • Zion National Park

    Itinerary Highlights

    • Utah's oldest national park
    • Shimmering Emerald Pools and waterfalls
    • Free ranger led program
    • Solitary Kolob Canyons, in the northwest
  • Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

    Itinerary Highlights

    • Mitten Buttes rock formations, like hands signifying spiritual beings
    • Goulding's Trading Post Museum
    • Monumental sunsets
    • Hike the mesa Rim Trail
Las Vegas

A glimmering emerald city rising out of the Nevada desert, Vegas attracts millions of visitors every year for very good reason. This is the premier city for the perfect blend of luxury and of no-holds barred fun, a premier wedding and honeymoon location, a sparkling platform from which to explore the most incredible national parks and of course, the quintessential party destination. For a city founded in 1905 Las Vegas has come an awful long way. And with so many amazing experiences and luxurious hotels to be found, it is only going to improve with age. 

Bryce Canyon National Park

The spectacular result of frost and river bed erosion, Bryce Canyon is a collection of limestone spires and columns that have always intrigued visitors. Magical moments happen at sunrise and sunset when the rocks take on an otherworldly, orange glow. The park lies at an altitude of nearly 3,000 metres and is cooler than the surrounding area that regularly experiences temperatures in excess of 80 degrees celsius. Solitude can always be found at ground level in the twisting trails around the canyon floor, while views above on the cliff-top pathways put the meaning of existence into perspective. Stunning scenery combined with the fragrance of juniper trees will cast a spell over you.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park shows the USA at its most fascinating. Caused by the meanderings of the Virgin River, the area has been the habitat of Native American Indians for over 8,000 years. Canyon walls rise to well over 800 metres while below, the river’s influence can be found in clear water grottos and streams. Hanging foliage adorns terracotta-shaded limestone. Zion Canyon in particular will take your breath away while trails such as the Narrows, Subway and Angel’s Landing will remain in the memory forever. Considering the park packs in over two million visitors every year, there are many places where you will believe you are the only person on the planet.  

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

For any intrepid traveller, visiting Monument Valley is a chance to play out childhood adventures. Images of this ancient vista have been used to typify the glory of the American Wild West long before John Ford began shooting his iconic westerns here in the 1930s. Wandering through this valley it is possible to gain a unique perspective on our planet as it would have looked millions of years ago. For countless millennia only the Navajo tribe, whose ancient tribal land this is, were fortunate to witness this vast cluster of sandstone buttes. They will now act as your guide across the plateau, imparting knowledge passed down through generations. A hot air balloon ride across this epic landscape is a must.