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Rhode Island Holidays

Holidays in Rhode Island are colourful, fun and full of surprises. Fondly known as the Ocean State, this gem is best known for its bright beaches, lively culture and eclectic dining scene.

It might be New England’s smallest state but the only thing little about Rhode Island is in its diameter. The storybook-style capital city of Providence bursts with swanky art museums, independent cinemas and authentic Italian American neighbourhoods, pouring out life and culture.

In Rhode Island, you’re in one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the USA. Taste the delicious Italian and Portuguese influenced cuisine here, as well as some of the finest seafood in the country. Try the Rhode Island clam “stuffies”, a local loved delicacy unique to this small state and made with Quahogs.

Holidays in Rhode Island: perfect for solo travellers and families

Visitors who want to explore top notch swimming spots are in luck - Rhode Island is home to some of the best white sandy beaches and ocean swimming in the USA’s Northeast. For a fun and adventurous day out, Block Island, home to just 1,000 residents, is a must. Just south of mainland Rhode Island, stumble upon huge 1800’s red brick lighthouses on top of grand cliffs and spend a day horseback riding and parasailing.

On Block Island, you’ll find seventeen miles of gorgeous white sand and dramatic viewpoints over old lighthouses and beaches. The view from Mohegan Bluffs is one of the best. Take an easy hike to the top of the cliff and admire the ocean views from 200 feet high. Take a slow stroll through the quaint town and find the streets brimming with art galleries and speciality shops.

While in Rhode Island, head to the historic city of Newport and discover the opulent Gilded Age Homes, a collection of around a dozen magnificent buildings once home to the nation’s wealthiest families. Some of the buildings are open to the public, a few have become hotels and restaurants and the others are still private homes. Take a tour and enjoy a peek into the ‘Gilded Age’ of America, where grand ballrooms and lavish dinner parties were the norm.

Discover the yacht filled harbour of the maritime ports in the island’s capital, Newport. Once host to America’s Cup (a world famous sailing regatta), this “City by the Sea” was once the state’s booming seaport. Families should spend some time at Sachuest Town Beach, a lovely beach with golden sands and excellent surf. You’ll find all the supplies and equipment you’ll need for water sports and picnics, as well as surfboard rentals and rock climbing.

Taste local treats at the food trucks that dish out sizzling tacos and burritos and wash it down with a Del’s Lemonade, a Rhode Island must. Then, venture inward and discover nature sanctuaries and cliff walks the whole family can enjoy. Holidays in Rhode Island are filled with colour, life and pretty beaches.

Destination Highlights
  • Explore grand cliffs, lighthouses and white sand beaches at Block Island
  • Take a peek into Rhode Island’s history at the lavish Gilded Age mansions
  • Explore the “City by the Sea” in the historic maritime port of Newport
  • Go surfing and rock climbing on the golden sand, family friendly Sauchest Beach Town

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