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Alabama Holidays

At the heart of the Deep South, Alabama is steeped in history. Let Birmingham move you with many a tale of its fight for freedom, rest and unwind on the stunning soft sand beaches, and head to rural Alabama to experience its natural wonder. Wherever your Alabama holiday takes you, you’ll be sure to find the true Southern hospitality that gives the state it’s homely feel. 

In Mobile, Alabama, a quaint coastal city on the Gulf coast waits to be explored. Step back in time in the city’s historic districts, taking in the original gas lanterns and charming historic homes, then head to Mobile Bay for some serenity and wildlife watching. Discover more of Alabama’s wondrous natural beauty in Mentone, a town that sits atop Lookout Mountain, where time seems to have stood still, or laze on the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores.  

Alabama’s Rich History

Visit Alabama’s cities and learn about the segregation that plagued the Deep South and the fight for equality of the Civil Rights movement. In Birmingham, there’s evidence of these pivotal times everywhere you look, from the 16th Street Baptist Church to the statue of Fred Shuttlesworth, the leader of the Civil Rights movement in Birmingham. Wander around the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and take in the remarkable exhibitions that tell the story of the incredible people and events behind the movement. Follow the Civil Rights Trail to Montgomery, where you can visit Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s church and the Rosa Parks Museum.

A multi centre Alabama holiday is the best way to explore this Deep South state, with the Gulf Shores, history filled cities, cosy small towns and stunning landscapes to explore. Why not discover the rest of the Deep South while you’re here, spending some time in sister states Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Destination Highlights
  • Tour the historic recording studio, Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
  • Explore the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville
  • Visit the historic sites of the Civil Rights Trail in Birmingham and Montgomery
  • Take in the sights and sounds of live marching bands and brilliant-coloured floats in Mobile, where Mardi Gras began

Time Zone

GMT -5 hours

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Visa Information

Irish passport holders require an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) to visit Memphis. You can obtain an ESTA from www.cbp.gov/esta



Health Information

No vaccinations are required for travel to Alabama. All travellers should be up to date with routine immunisations. It’s important to contact your GP to check for the latest recommendations.

Alabama has so much to offer visitors from vibrant cities with a rich history to serene natural landscapes and a booming food and brewery scene. Get close to nature on the Alabama Scenic River Trail winding along 631 miles of rivers and creeks or stop at one of the many state parks and national forests to spot wildlife. Learn about Alabama’s Civil Rights legacy with a visit to the Rosa Parks museum in Montgomery, and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, or explore the Alabama Civil Rights Trail. Experience the unforgettable music across the state, from live music in downtown Mobile to the many fantastic museums and historic site such as FAME Studio, the W.C. Handy Birthplace, Hank Williams Museum and Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

  • The Hoods

    The Shoals

    Made up of the cities of Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Sheffield and Florence, ‘The Shoals’ are deeply associated with the roots of American music. Legendary blues musician W.C. Handy, known as the Father of Blues, was born in Florence and the log cabin where he was raised is now a museum which showcases personal mementos from his life. The four cities made history as the ‘Hit Recording Capitol of the World’ in the 1960s with musicians like Aretha Franklin and the Rolling Stones heading to the Shoals to record in studios such as FAME and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. Take a tour of one of these iconic studios or step into a local bar such as the Rattlesnake Saloon and experience some of the areas fantastic music live.

  • U.S. Space and Rocket Center

    U.S. Space and Rocket Center

    The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville is the Alabama’s number one ticketed attraction. Enjoy the incredible interactive exhibits, visit the Saturn V moon rocket, only one of three on display in the world, experience G-forces on the space travel simulator and enjoy inspiring movies in the IMAX® and Digital Theatres.

  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

    Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

    Take a step back in time at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute where richly detailed exhibits showcase slices of black and white life in Alabama from the late 1800s to the present day. A highlight of the institute is the powerful Movement Gallery which offers a picture of the Civil Rights Movement from 1955 to 1963.

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    "One thing that I wasn't expecting Alabama to have was such a beautiful beach. Gulf Shores is definitely one of America's hidden gems; it’s the perfect place to relax after exploring the state. There’s so much on offer here: championship golf, nature trails, water sports, amusement parks, or you could do nothing except sit and watch the waves crash against the shore."

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    "For fans of Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, I would recommend a trip to Monroeville. You can explore the Old Courthouse Museum and learn about the racial injustice that inspired her to write her novels."

  • Annual Interstate Mullet Toss & Gulf Coast's Greatest Beach Party

    Held at the Flora-Bama beach bar, the Mullet Toss is a beloved tradition and a great reason to party the weekend away. Get swept up in the festivities and join the locals as they throw mullets, a plentiful fish found in the area, across the state line from Florida into Alabama. Bring a chair or simply laze on the sand, sip on a beer and enjoy the relaxed vibes of this beach party. 

  • Hangout Music Festival

    Each May, the beaches of Gulf Shores play host to three days of great live music by world-famous artists. As well as music, the festival boasts lots of other entertainment, including sports, beach parties, art and dancing. 

  • W.C.Handy Music Festival

    Known as the Handy Festival, this ten day long event sees different bands playing in shops, bars, churches, parks and restaurants throughout the Shoals area. The festival also puts on activities and events that aim to shine a light on the rich musical heritage of the area.  

Like the rest of the Deep South, Alabama is home to a food scene full of indulgent and delicious treats.

  • Fried Green Tomatoes

    Made famous by the 1991 film ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’, you’ll find this dish as a side or a main on most menus across the state. The tartness of the green, unripe and thinly-sliced tomatoes is paired perfectly with the fried cornmeal batter that coats them.  

  • Banana Pudding

    A Southern tradition, Banana Pudding consists of layers of banana, vanilla wafers and custard, and topped with meringue. Though this delicious dessert can be eaten cold, Alabamians prefer it warm. 

  • Fried Okra

    Fried is one of Alabama’s favourite ways to enjoy Okra, possibly second only to in Gumbo. A vegetable from the mallow family, Okra is chopped into bite-sized pieces and then fried in a seasoned cornmeal and flour batter, usually served fresh and warm. 

  • Gumbo

    Like the rest of the Deep South, Alabama is well known for its Gumbo. Though everyone in the state has a slightly different recipe of their own, it’s usually made with vegetables, including Okra, seafood fresh from the Gulf coast, meat stock and sausage. 

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