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Tours in New Orleans

Tours of New Orleans allow you to experience the culture and history of the heart of jazz in the USA. This lively city is full of southern charm, delicious Creole cuisine and a nightlife that just keeps going. Pair your holiday with the USA’s other musical towns, or spend a couple of weeks exploring the many unique cities and glorious landscapes of this area.

On our Gone with the Wind Tour you’ll experience the charm and hospitality of the USA’s Deep South. Begin in Atlanta and end in Nashville, enjoying the unique blend of cultures in New Orleans along the way. Spanish, Caribbean, French, African and Anglo Saxon influences all combine to create a colourful cuisine, culture and music scene. Spend the day exploring the peaceful French Quarter with its narrow streets and iron balconies before enjoying a southern barbecue dinner and lively bar.

Music lovers will enjoy the freedom of our Rhythms of the South Self Drive. This New Orleans road trip allows you to contrast the country music capital, blues, jazz and other lively cities. In New Orleans you can relax as you take in the views of Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi and enjoy the easy charm of the city. In Bourbon Street you’ll find a lively atmosphere, while the French Quarter offers peace and beautiful architecture.

The mighty Mississippi offers a fantastic chance to relax and cruise its waters as you stop off in fantastic towns and take in the Deep South’s glorious landscapes. Book the American Queen River Cruise - Memphis to New Orleans and finish in New Orleans. Spend a few days at the end of your holiday dancing, drink in hand, to jazz and trying the many varieties of Creole cuisine.

11 days Nashville

American Rhythms


Music and magic collide on this incredible 11-day tour of the American south, which stops at some of the world’s most legendary musical - and historical – landmarks. Our American Rhythms self drive will appeal to music lovers and history...

City holidays

American Rhythms
9 days Mississippi River

Jazzy Jambalaya Adventure Self Drive


There’s a reason the city of New Orleans is a bucket list destination for many people visiting the United States. Situated on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, the ‘Big Easy’ is known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant music...


Jazzy Jambalaya Adventure Self Drive
9 days American Queen

American Queen River Cruise - Memphis to New Orleans


Immerse yourself in the essence of America’s Deep South as you journey down the Mississippi aboard the luxurious American Queen paddle steamer. Sit back, relax and unwind as you enjoy award winning cuisine, beautiful staterooms, outstanding Broadway style entertainment and...

Cruise holidays

American Queen River Cruise - Memphis to New Orleans
8 days Ice Cream at A Schwab

A Southern Story - Sounds And Specialities


Discover the vibrant cities of the USA’s Deep South on this unique eight day small group adventure. This fantastic tour focuses on offering you a wonderful mix of culinary, historic and musical activities and best of all you will have...

Couples Holidays

A Southern Story - Sounds And Specialities
9 days Creole Queen

Deep South Discovery


Get a taste of true southern charm as you set out on a Deep South Discovery tour. Venture through the states of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Louisiana, stopping at vibrant cities ready to welcome you in with classic southern...

City holidays

Deep South Discovery
8 days Mississippi River

Rhythms of the South Tour


Spend eight days exploring the rhythms of the Deep South, visiting cities that have changed the world’s musical stage. Alongside fellow travellers, journey through the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana, and discover a region with music running through...

Adventure holidays

Rhythms of the South Tour
14 days Grand Ole Opry

Rhythms of the South Self Drive


Hit the road on a Rhythms of the South self drive tour and explore Georgia, Tennessee , Louisiana, Mississippi , Alabama, Florida and South Carolina. Spend 14 days discovering the cities that changed the world’s musical landscape and awakened the...

Self drive holidays

Rhythms of the South Self Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

Magazine Street is host to six miles of boutique shops, set among beautiful period homes and selling a range of goods from jewellery, books, housewares and pottery. Royal Street showcases the city’s artistic side, offering antiques, paintings, glasswork and art galleries – combined with the charm of the French Quarter and its energetic buskers.

With its combination of Creole and Cajun influences, New Orleans cuisine has a particular emphasis on seafood, including oysters en brochette (deep-fried breaded skewers oysters and bacon) and Pompano en Papilotte (pompano filet with shrimp and crab meat in a white wine sauce).

New Orleans is a relatively flat city, making it easy to navigate by walking or by bicycle. There are also numerous streetcars that cover most of the city. If you are visiting by car, please note that parking availability near the city centre is sparse, and can be expensive.

The streets of New Orleans are alive with music. With regular festivals and parades, decadent, moreish cuisine and a fascinating history, this enchanting city is full of character and just waiting to be explored.

Why you'll love New Orleans...

• Listening to live jazz music in Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse
• Joining in the festivities on Bourbon Street
• Discovering more about the city’s history on a tour through French Quarter
• Savouring the taste of delicious Cajun and Creole dishes
• Taking in the uplifting colours of the houses across the city with their wrought iron railings
• Travelling around the city by traditional streetcars
• Embarking on a swamp tour in search of alligators
• Observing local art at the Royal Street galleries
• Sipping delicious cocktails
• Admiring the city from a Mississippi paddle steamer

Did you know?

• New Orleans City Park is the largest municipal park in America.
• There are more miles of canals in New Orleans than in Venice.
• New Orleans was founded in 1718 by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, making 2018 its 300th birthday.