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The Deep South – Things to do

Deep South Attractions

The charming hospitality and quaint antebellum architecture are just some of the things you’ll relish in the Deep South. The birthplace of bluegrass, country, jazz and blues, this region is a hotbed of musical heritage. Let’s not forget Memphis either, where rock ‘n’ roll began and the music legend Elvis, once lived. The cotton plantations and nostalgic boat cruises along the Mississippi will stir your imagination well after your visit.

Musical heritage

Don’t miss the chance to visit the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. The ‘home of American music’, this famed venue began as a radio broadcast in 1925 and has hosted country icons such as Bill Anderson and Dolly Parton.

French Quarter


Be sure to take a stroll through the French Quarter of New Orleans, known as The Big Easy. This French colonial neighbourhood is famed for its Creole culture, pastel-coloured architecture and enthralling Mardi Gras celebrations.

New Orleans Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Arguably the most popular event in the South, Mardi Gras is the exotic festival celebrating the last day of Carnival in New Orleans. The world-renowned festival sees a flamboyant mass of bright costumes, extravagant masks, bead throwing, and dancing flooding the streets of New Orleans. Make your way to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter for the party this festival is known for, or head to St. Charles Avenue and Canal Street to see the spectacular parades.

Louisiana gumbo

Southern cuisine

There’s a reason it is called ‘soul food’. America’s South serves up a rich array of food, from tangy barbecues to spicy crawfish to fried green tomatoes, all of which are a feast for your soul and a comfort to your stomach. Sample collard greens cooked with fat chunks of ham, corn ground into hominy grits, fried cornmeal hushpuppies with fried catfish, and rich, delightful gumbos on your holiday in America’s South.