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USA Attractions

Discover hidden secrets, get off the beaten track and above all else, create incredible memories. We love the expansive diversity that is on offer in the USA. For music lovers; immerse yourself with rock 'n' roll, country, jazz and smoky blues in the Deep South. Be witness to some of the most iconic landmarks of New York, Washington DC and even Seattle. Paddle board in Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Florida or California. Fly a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, jump on the wine train in Napa Valley, learn to line dance, whale watch… the list is endless. Don't let this worry you though as you just need to tell our experts what you want to see and do and we will make it happen.

Mardi Gras

Events, Festivals and Holidays

Time your visit with of the USA's national celebrations such as Jul;y 4th, Thanksgiving or Mardi Gras so you can soak up the atmosphere and experience parties like you have never seen before.

Leaf Peeping

See the trees of New England turn a spectacular kaleidoscope of colours in the fall. Make sure you have plenty of memory on your phone or camera as you won't stop taking pictures.

Cowboys and Ranches

Saddle up with the cowboys on your very own American Ranch Adventure. During the day you can take part in activities including horse riding, fishing, hunting and driving cattle. Then in the evening, enjoy family style western meals and campfire cookouts accompanied by storytelling's, s'mores and cowboy songs.

Oahu surfboards

Surfing and paddleboarding

Catch a wave or learn how to paddle board in the calmer waters, or better still watch the pros in action from the safety of your sun lounger. Florida, Hawaii or California have some of the best places to either watch or learn as you take to the water.

Helicopter rides

See the breathtaking natural wonder of the Grand Canyon, take in the iconic Las Vegas Strip at night from a different perspective, see the inside of a Volcano in Hawaii or enjoy New York City form the skies.

Coliseum American Football

Sporting events

The atmosphere at an American game is just electric. American Football, Baseball or even Basketball are games you can catch nearly all over the country - even if you are not really in to sport you will be when you leave.