Zambia – Things to do

Zambia Attractions

If you don’t already feel an affection for Southern Africa, we’re sure you will once you’ve landed in Zambia. This landlocked country, famed for its walking safaris, offers unrivalled game viewing opportunities. Amazingly, 30 per cent of the land is inhabited by wildlife. You’re going to adore its stunning safari lodges and unspoilt, rugged beauty.

Victoria Falls

Nothing quite prepares you for seeing Victoria Falls, the 1,688-metre-wide waterfall that straddles the Zambian border. It will blow you away when you walk through its vast spray, which can travel for up to 30 miles. If you’re feeling adventurous, visit in the dry season and take a dip in Devil’s Pool, a natural infinity pool that forms at the edge of the waterfall.

Elephant in Zimbabwe

Safaris and National Parks

The safari guides in Zambia are some of the most highly-trained in Africa so you’re going to be mesmerised by the game-viewing experiences here. South Luangwa National Park is among the best places to spot the elusive cheetah and you’ll be blown away when you spot elephants and hippos in the great Zambezi River.