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Tours in Zambia

Known as the birthplace of the walking safari, Zambia’s dramatic and unspoiled landscapes combine with its exotic fauna to offer a true sense of adventure and discovery for the intrepid explorer, lovers of nature and wildlife, and photographers alike. With a variety of exciting ways to observe the beauty of Zambia’s pristine wilderness, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the African bush as part of our Robin Pope Mobile Walking Safari. Tracking the mighty Big Five game alongside your knowledgeable, professional guide, you’ll get closer than ever before to these majestic creatures – a thrill unlike any other safari experience. You’ll also walk among the likes of Zambia’s lesser-known but equally fascinating wildlife, including Cookson’s wildebeest, civets, hyenas and wild dogs, as well as spotting a myriad of stunning birdlife, such as the African fish eagle, taita falcon and the shoebill.

Take to the water and cruise down the Zambezi River for a unique perspective of Zambia’s wildlife and the chance to observe hippos, crocodiles, zebra and elephants. Ascend skyward to view the breath-taking power of Victoria Falls by helicopter on our Splendours of Zambia with Lower Zambezi and Lusaka tour. Known locally as Mosu-oa-Tunya – which translates to ‘the smoke that thunders’ – you can experience the mighty Victoria Falls from numerous viewpoints, including Devil’s Pool. Not for the faint-hearted, Devil’s Pool is a rock pool located on the very edge of the waterfall which enables brave explorers to safely witness the perilous drop below – the perfect photo opportunity.

5 days a group of people in a dark forest

The Chikoko Trails Walking Safari


Explore the most remote parts of the Luangwa Valley and track the Big Five as part of a thrilling walking safari along the Chikoko Walking Trails in Zambia. Known as the birthplace of the walking safari, you’ll feel truly at...

Escorted tours

The Chikoko Trails Walking Safari
4 days a waterfall with a mountain in the background

Livingstone and The Falls


Located just a few kilometres from the Zambezi River in southwestern Zambia, the bustling town of Livingstone is famous for being the home of the magnificent Victoria Falls . One of the original natural wonders of the world, this World...

Livingstone and The Falls
10 days Cheetahs in Namibia

Discover Zambia


This unique, peanut-shaped country, once known as Northern Rhodesia, offers visitors an authentic African experience complete with adrenaline pumping adventures, a variety of fascinating cultural activities and an abundance of indigenous wildlife, which finds refuge in Zambia’s vast national parks...

Cultural holidays

Discover Zambia
7 days a flock of seagulls standing next to a body of water

Robin Pope's Mobile Walking Safari


Having started leading safaris back in 1975, Robin Pope knows Zambia better than most, eventually opening his own safari company 11 years later. Best known for his mobile walking safari, it’s hailed as one of the leading wilderness experiences available...

Adventure holidays

Robin Pope's Mobile Walking Safari
7 days a herd of elephants walking across a grass covered field

Norman Carr Walking Safaris


At a time when most people went on safari to shoot animals with guns, Norman Carr pioneered the idea of shooting animals with your camera instead. He wanted people to appreciate the wildlife in their natural habitat and to enjoy...

Adventure holidays

Norman Carr Walking Safaris

Frequently Asked Questions

The dry season, between May and October, is arguably the best time to travel here; wildlife will flock to the wetlands to quench their thirst, providing plentiful game-viewing opportunities; and as water levels begin to lower, activities such as white-water rafting will become available. It’s worth noting that towards the end of the dry season – from September through to November – the Zambian side of Victoria Falls will start to dry up.

The official currency of Zambia is the kwacha. It is widely recommended that you have cash handy, as outside of the capital and its hotels, bars and restaurants, cards are not always accepted and there may be an international usage fee. You might struggle to find an ATM the further you venture from Lusaka.

The main draw of Zambia will always be its incredible range of national parks, populated with spectacular and diverse wildlife. Walking safaris began here, and are now widely available, offering an exhilarating alternative to game drives and allowing explorers to get closer to wildlife. In addition, Zambia is home to Victoria Falls – the world’s largest sheet of falling water, and one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Africa’s hidden gem, the vast savannahs and lush wetlands of Zambia are home to truly spectacular wildlife. With an abundance of walking safaris, exhilarating game drives, river cruises and aerial tours, you can explore the untamed plains any which way you want.

Why you'll love Zambia...

• Plucking up the courage to look over the edge at Devil’s Pool
• Tracking the world-famous Big Five on a 4x4 game drive
• Immersing yourself in the finer details of African bush wildlife on a walking safari
• Observing the power of Victoria Falls from above by helicopter
• Telling stories around the campfire at your rustic African lodge
• Indulging in adrenaline-pumping activities such as bungee jumping, abseiling and white water rafting
• Enjoying a sundowner cruise along the Zambezi River
• Spotting a host of game on a boat safari
• Witnessing Zambia’s varied landscapes by light aircraft

Did you know?

• Zambia’s Lake Kariba is the world’s largest artificial lake and reservoir by volume – approximately 180,000,000,000,000 kilograms.
• Zambia is home to human fossils that span as far back as 200,000 years, including the famous Broken Hill skull which is said to be the first ever human fossil discovered in Africa.
• Almost 40% of Zambia consists of protected national parks and wildlife reserves.