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What's hot for 2018

The world is your oyster, and with hundreds of destinations to explore, you may be struggling to decide where to travel to next.

Our hot list, compiled by our Destination Specialists, outlines key destinations forecast to be big in 2018 and the latest travel trends.

Read on below or check out our videos about 2018's destinations to watch and latest travel trends and be inspired… 

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Hot destinations

Hot travel trends

Experience the extraordinary

We continue to see a rise in travellers seeking extraordinary experiences on their adventures. From accomplishing a life-long achievement such as completing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or swimming with manta rays in the Maldives, holidays with an extraordinary element is one of 2018’s travel musts.

Rail revelations

Rail holidays have long been considered a stylish and luxurious way to explore. See the world, rolling through breath-taking scenery at an unhurried pace with all your creature comforts, plus exceptional levels of service. From the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada to the Blue Train in South Africa, a luxury rail journey will be an amazing adventure to add to your holiday in 2018. Sit back, relax and enjoy an exhilarating front row seat to some of the world’s most incredible landscapes.

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Responsible tourism and sustainable holidays

Responsible tourism and sustainable holidays are on the rise. We recognise the importance of conservation, sustainability and supporting local communities, and proudly work with various resorts and hotels that help promote these initiatives. From using locally sourced produce, to protecting local ecosystems and wildlife, an increasing number of eco-friendly hotels are placing a greater emphasis on the sustainability of management and surrounding areas. We’re also delighted to be one of the longest standing partners to Just a Drop, a water aid organisation that provides clean water and sanitation to developing communities. Donate £1 when you book your Hayes & Jarvis holiday to help support our next project. 

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Insightful family holidays

If you dream of a family holiday that offers a little more than a bucket and spade, immerse your family in local culture and head off the beaten track to make memories to last a lifetime. Take an inspiring tour of Vietnam, tasting delicious street food and kayaking through Halong Bay. Embark on an epic family safari holiday  to spot the Big Five with your little ones or combine museums, cycling and raft adventures in Ottawa, Canada.

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Taste the world

Get a real taste for your holiday destination and savour mouth-watering local cuisine. From visiting food markets, sampling the local wines and beers, to learning how to cook delectable foreign cuisine, our foodie holidays  provide travellers with one of the most authentic and enriching experiences. What’s more, recreate the traditional dishes back home and impress friends and family with your newfound taste sensations.